Weddings & Other Ceremonies

Hi! I’m Alex!

Life-Cycle Celebrant® & Wedding Officiant

Kelowna & Okanagan Valley, BC

Okanagan Wedding Celebrant

Your Life. Your Story. Your Ceremony.

One of the greatest gifts in life is love.
I call myself very lucky to be surrounded by so much of it – because sharing your story is my passion.

As your Marriage Officiant and Life-Cycle Celebrant®, specializing in weddings and other celebrations in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, I am here for you if you are looking to give true meaning to that special, personal moment marking a milestone, an achievement, and a passage of life.

My goal is to serve your vision of your personal celebration as your professionally trained ceremony specialist, writer, and storyteller for your once-in-a-lifetime event.

As an Ordained Metaphysical Minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM) I love to work with couples of any faith, religion, culture, and sexual orientation (LGBTQ+ supporter), crafting their personalized wedding ceremony, elopement, vow renewal, anniversary, and much more.

You deserve the celebration of your love and your life to be experienced in a way that speaks through and for you! 

When we meet, I will get to know you and your story.
This gives me momentum to bring your vision about your ceremony to life.

Your words, your wishes, your values, and your beliefs are going to be reflected through personalized elements from start to finish for your individual ceremony.

Each ceremony is distinctively crafted for your personal transformation and transition in life with your unique story that brought you to this moment.

For your personal journey across the life cycle, I am also offering many other types of transition- and support ceremonies in English & German language (I am an Austrian enjoying Canada’s beauty):

*** Memorials & Celebrations of Life
*** Family Celebrations (Blessings, Welcomings, Anniversaries,…)
*** Pet Welcomings & Memorials
*** Business Openings & Retirements
*** Do you have something dear to your heart to celebrate and commemorate?

Let’s capture all these moments together!  

I Work With You To Bring Your Ceremony Vision to Life, Stress Free.

It is about YOU.
As your Wedding Celebrant, I am celebrating YOUR LOVE with you by creating the customized ceremony that fits your personality and what you are looking for.

I am legally certified to perform weddings in the Province of British Columbia. 

Get in touch with me for your local or destination wedding in and around Kelowna & the Okanagan; in English or German language, simple or elaborate, big or small, on top of the mountain or in the backyard – the skies are the limit.
Maybe I won’t skydive or officiate an underwater wedding, but I am happy to connect you to the one or other colleague of mine if this is what you are looking for.

This is how we are going to create your personalized ceremony: 

1. We Meet (No Obligation Consultation)...

Once you decide to assess your options for a special ceremony that reflects you and your loved one, we are going to meet and see if we are a great fit.
If virtual or in-person, depends on distance and circumstances.
We will get to know each other over coffee or tea and you’ll tell me everything about your vision. All the good stuff!

Your love is so unique, so different and so precious!
Later on, I will be learning about you and your story to craft a ceremony that engages our ears and hearts – this is us, creating something individual and personal for you on your BIG DAY.

2. The Magic Happens...

…here my work I am so grateful for begins!

After we have met and you have decided to work with me you will receive a questionnaire to go through your history with your loved one.
(…Keep a glass of wine and tissues handy…!)

This is everything I will need to create your love story and a full script for your personalized, uniquely meaningful ceremony.
Of course it is going to be YOUR event, so you will have the possibility to edit content to your desire.

Everything will be included in the script –  from the processional to the recessional “stage directions” – with all elements that we decide to include.
Everything will be crystal clear – I promise!

3. Your Dream Ceremony Takes Place...

Aah…all the beautiful words and elements are put together.
Now it’s time to bring your vision of your personalized ceremony to life with your wedding.

Depending on the type of event you are looking for, we may have a short rehearsal where I get the chance to meet your loved ones that played a big role for you to be where you are today.
And further, I could already connect with the venue staff to make sure you will have a ceremony as smooth and comfortable as possible, and stress free.

A rehearsal can be a great occasion to take a deep breath and some wonderful thoughts home as you are looking forward to your day.

After that I will be waiting for you “at the front” as your Wedding Celebrant to celebrate your love, your story, your transition and your life with you and yours.

Friends Say…

“Working and studying with Alexandra has allowed me to see how phenomenal she is in preparing and executing beautifully crafted ceremonies specifically suited for you. Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and has a great connection with every couple she has the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend any couple to utilize her services in creating the ceremony you’ve always imagined.” (Charnett, CFI Graduate)


“Alex and I have spent our childhood together. She always loved wedding ceremonies and as soon as she could write I remember her starting to scribble vows to her invisible friends on a piece of paper. Endearingly adorable.” (Love, Betty)

“The most empathetic listener I know. I absolutely would recommend Alex for any kind of ceremony that should have meaning, especially weddings, that can be stressful and sometimes you just don’t know how your officiant is going to act. Alex has the calm and the care to make everyone feel comfortable around her.” (Duane)

What’s your story?

Let’s Get to Know
each other!