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Memorials & Celebrations of Life

The Story of your loved one
and how they will be remembered

“Our Fingerprints Don’t Fade from the lives we’ve touched.” (Will Fetters)

Memorials & Celebrations of Life

I am glad you found your way here to me to accompany a part of your journey of grief.
When we lose a loved one, even a beloved pet, a piece of our heart is leaving with them.

Let me give you a little bit of a personal story about WHY I want to be by your side at your most difficult farewell:
When my mother tragically passed away when I was young, there was no funeral or memorial for me to attend because some people wanted to “protect me” from this traumatic event full of sadness. 
There was that cold, dark hole of loss and I had been told that I must move on…I must “get over it”…
But I couldn’t move on from this dark place.
Because I was seeking support, comfort and acknowledgment of my soul’s pain through community in those times of loss, that would still emphasize my mother’s light and help me healing.
I was looking for something that I could share with others that reminds me of who my mother was, and always will be.

I actually wanted someone to provide me with a piece of her soul that I would always have with me, deep inside.
And I wanted people to know who my mother was to keep their hearts nourished and inspired by her incredible heap of courage.

It didn’t happen until I wrote my mother’s soul sketch (eulogy) – years later –  with heartwarming, bold, and hilarious stories about her who could admittedly be quite a hand full.



Does a celebration of life, a transition into another passage of life, has to be remembered as “traumatic”, “sad” and subject of “letting go”? Absolutely not!

Now, on my journey with you, I am pouring my heart into the work of ceremony because I learned, no life should be passing in vain and considered “gone” with nothing left behind.

Traditional funerals and memorial services are sometimes not able to provide the space of comfort, light, and even JOY that we are seeking; that connection with and through our community and, most important, your loved one’s LEGACY to be passed on.

As your Celebrant, my mission is to create a ceremony that honours your loved one’s life story, truly and dearly, and how they will be remembered, reflecting your backgrounds, values, and beliefs.
I want to know who your loved one was, still is, and pass that along to you and yours.

And most of all, I want you to leave the memorial or celebration of life with nothing but love, gratefulness, peace, and serenity in your heart, knowing you had been an important part of a life worthily lived.

Let’s move the clouds together to let the sun be shining through.

I am here for you for celebrations of life, remembrance and anniversaries, to paint an impactful picture of your loved one’s soul and legacy to forever remember.



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