Working in the wedding industry is probably one of the most rewarding jobs, but also very demanding.
As a Wedding Celebrant myself, I am encountering a lot of vendors on a regular basis – especially being that the Okanagan valley is a very sought-after wedding destination in British Columbia, you get the opportunity to meet quite a few and you start forming experienced teams over the course of the years with many different wedding vendors, aka “friendors”. 😊

I am blessed to be able to meet and work alongside so many over-the-top professionals who all have ONE goal:
Making a couples’ celebration of love the best day of their lives!

To do so, there is a lot of work that goes into the preparation of your event to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Many people see vendors being masters at their craft, but – let’s be honest – they really only see what happens on the day of.
You rarely get a glimpse into the HARD work behind the scenes that results in what you see and experience on your wedding day.

So, I thought I would provide you with some food for thought if you are starting to plan your wedding day.
Because – like me – you may have many questions for different roles and vendors that will be working with you for your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Kayla Knight, owner of “Day By Knight Wedding and Events”, is one of the most experienced and top wedding planners in the Okanagan, with over 10  years in the industry, starting out at the tender age of 19.
Her care, her work attitude, and her attention to detail make it so easy to be around and plan your perfect day with her.

So, I sat down with Kayla and we discussed a bunch of frequently asked questions that I’ve heard many times, and my couples planning their wedding would like to know as well – especially around the most important question there is at all:


               Q: Why does it make sense to hire a wedding planner?

I mean, I love working with Kayla, and I think you may be too. 😊
…But be your own judge:

Your wedding planner is not only there for you through the good times, but also the bad and the ugly – they are there for planning your day from venue selection to coordinating other vendors and through envisioning your setup with you, handling your budget, having back-up plans, and ensuring smooth-sailing for the day of, no matter the circumstances.
Just think about restrictions and flexibility requirements during COVID, and as Kayla said, “changing plans the day prior to the wedding due to new restrictions. We are there to help make rain back-up plans, ensure your friends and family get to enjoy themselves, but most importantly, you as the couple!”

Kayla mentions that she usually becomes close with her couples as she is there from start to finish, taking the stress off their shoulders, letting them bounce ideas off her and her team, and to sometimes just listen when a couple gets super excited about something:
“It’s not just about the wedding day itself, its leading up to the wedding and allowing yourself to enjoy it all! – I’ve had many brides come to me and wish they would have hired someone instead of doing it themselves.”


              Q: When is the best time for couples to book their wedding planner and why?

Very clearly, wedding vendors in the popular wedding destination of the Okanagan – including myself – book up very fast in advance.
By the end of a year, the majority of Fridays and Saturdays of the following year may be booked up.

Also, if you are thinking of hiring a wedding planner, you may want to do so at the beginning stages of your planning.
Kayla says, “You can discuss with your planner your budget, the overall feel you are wanting to experience on your big day, and also, your planner is like a match maker. They are there to ensure you find the best vendors for you. Having a planner to help you contact them and know when you need to book them will be a huge asset.”


              Q: What do you require for a first contact or meeting with a couple?

Obviously, it is your special day, and you want to have the best feeling when choosing your personal “friendors” as they will become part of your wedding:
So, Kayla’s approach for a first meet-and-greet helps her to understand your vision and give you an idea about working together:
“We love to chat with our couples in the first meeting about where they are at in the planning process, what they would love to see on their wedding day, and also to see if we are a good fit as we will be planning together typically for a year or two!”


              Q: How long do you work with a couple on average?

As mentioned throughout previous answers, your planner may become your best wedding buddy, as you are typically working for one to two years with them to pull everything together for your wedding day.


              Q: How does a typical workday of a planner look like?

Let’s have Kayla explain the different seasonal cycles:

“We have both office days, site tour days, and wedding days.
In the winters we are typically working from the office, this is when we are very busy with planning and booking weddings for the next year.

In the Spring we are now getting ready for the busy wedding season.

In the summers we are busy with final meetings with our couples, getting final floor plans, attending rehearsals, and then weekends are show time!
Weddings are typically held in the Okanagan from May to October, so every weekend is full!

By the time fall hits we are ready for a little break while still planning for the next year of weddings.”


              Q: What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?

Ok, let’s break it down into three different approaches that you as a couple may like to know about when it comes to your wedding plans and hiring the right person or team for you. Kayla explains:

    • Day Of Coordinating: is best for the couple that wants to do the planning and organization themselves, but would like someone to execute on the day of.
    • Partial Planning: is best for the couple that needs a little extra help with a limited amount of vendors, but would still like to choose the majority of their vendors and organize on their own; it’s a step up from the Day Of Coordinating, but not quite full planning.
    • Full Planning: is best for the couple that would like to have someone to be part of the entire planning process from start to finish. Especially great for couples being busy working or out of town, planning a destination wedding.

Simply put: Full planning clients “would like the planner to simplify the process and direct them to the best vendors that fit their budget, keep them organized and allow them to enjoy the process!”
A key summary by Kayla about the comfort of having a planner.


              Q: What is one thing that couples (most) often forget when working with a planner?

Your planner is a very helpful “support tool”, as Kayla calls herself.
She says, “When working with an experienced planner we know what works and doesn’t work.”
Sometimes, couples forget why they hired the planner: to give their professional opinion and giving you the best advice they can to make your wedding the most enjoyable day of your life with everything you work out together.
It’s probably a good advice to take your planner’s suggestions and considerations into account and let them work their magic along the planning process. 😉

…Which leads into the next question we asked for you:


              Q: What is your most important tip that you would like to share with couples planning a wedding?

Kayla has even TWO valuable tips!

    • Staying realistic: “I can’t even count the number of clients that give me a $50,000 budget to work with but then show me a picture of a celebrity wedding that cost $500,000.”
      So, Kayla’s job is to assist you in pairing down your vision and your budget – by being realistic about your budget right from the start. A huge help to avoid disappointment in the end.
      When confronted with some discrepancies, she can help by asking: “What is it that you love about these florals? Is it the colour pallet, the type of flower, the style or arrangement?”
    • Keeping things less complicated: Let’s be honest – we all love to browse through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, other social media sources, and then there are the great Hollywood movies when we think about planning our own wedding.
      Due to this, Kayla emphasizes, “I am finding that couples are trying so hard to come up with ‘unique’ ideas that, in the end, don’t flow, seem awkward, or just don’t work at all.
      A planner can assist on taking some of the idea and working it within the options and possibilities, or helping come up with some other unique things you can do on the day to make it feel different and extra special.”

So – our last question to round up your understanding and newly gained knowledge about what a wedding planner can do for you:


              Q: What are other key points you would like to share about your services?

As I couldn’t write it better, let’s have Kayla summarize her love for her couples and for working in the wedding industry:

 “As a Planner we are here to keep everyone (including vendors) organized.
We are here to share with our couples all the secret tips and tricks to have an amazing day.
We are here to allow your friends, family, and wedding party to be present with the two of you on the biggest day of your life.
Don’t know where to even start?
Contact us for your first consultation and we will be happy to chat about your wedding vision!”

There you have it, and thanks to Kayla Knight from “Day By Knight Weddings and Events” for her generous answers to questions that I had on behalf of many couples: to understand the work behind couples’ big days, putting in a lot of working hours, being there for and serving them.

Hands down, this FAQ is a great display of what a wedding planner and coordinator can help you with that you may not haven been aware of.

After reading through these questions and answers above, you may agree that most times it is worth the expense to hire a planner or at least a day-of-coordinator as a valuable source of removing stressors that may hinder you from enjoying the process.

Come back soon for some more FAQs with a Wedding Photographer and a Wedding DJ in the Okanagan. 😊
And don’t forget to check out the FAQ about getting married in BC.

And now, happy planning of your special day…and remember to enjoy it as a part of your experience leading up to your wedding celebration! 😊


Proudly presented by your Wedding Celebrant Alex.





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