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Wedding DJ’s & Musicians in the Okanagan

Considering having a DJ or live musician for your wedding in the Okanagan? It’s really a personal preference on what you want for your ceremony.

Here’s a list of wedding DJ’s and live musicians in the Okanagan Valley that I have enjoyed working with as an officiant at various weddings.

I love them all and what they have to offer, so please note there is no order of preference here (and the list is a work in progress).

Check them out and see what works best for your vision!

DJ John Byrne –

DJ Krucial –

DJ Spinalshift –

DJ Splendid Bastard –

DJ Pynapples –

Jarrod Scott Music –

Airwaves DJ –

Adam Meachem (live musician) –

Jeff Piattelli (live musician) –

The Dueling Divas (live musician) –

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