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Something Different For your Wedding Celebration

Something Different…

Are you a foodie looking for a unique dining experience for your wedding?
Or maybe mobile bartending services for your special day?
Wanna swing through the night on the dancefloor, knowing what your feet are doing?

Look no longer.

Usually, I am not crossing paths with some of the providers listed at weddings, but here are some services for events that I have witnessed and/or trust in.

No order of preference here, whether now or in the future (the list is a work in progress) – they will provide you with specialties and love for whatever you are looking for. 🙂

Check them out and enjoy the experience!

Bar Service –

Bar Service –

City Eats (Sabrina McDonald – Jamaican Cuisine) –

Chef Terry Port –

Chef Max Dallamore –


…and because there is no category for this (yet), let me show you something else:

Wouldn’t you love to take a couple of dance lessons for your wedding celebrations?
Then check out Warren and what he has to offer:


Your ceremony is the reason for the party;

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